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Why Businesses Should Invest In SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the key component of overall digital marketing transformation; this has been an on-going challenge for online business owners and startups. Online entrepreneurs aim to drive productivity, increase return on investment that affect the bottom line. The hard-work of SEO has often been rewarded through increase in visibility, return visits and conversion. The continuous improvement of your site ranking should form part of your strategy to grow your business online, the Internet has provided equal level playing field for everyone to take a shot. SEO makes your......

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How To Improve Customer Engagement and Loyalty On Your Website

Customer experience has become the next basis of differentiation for businesses that are able to manage complex and difficult interactions through leveraging on existing reliable infrastructure to focus on opportunities for customers to experience disruption that can transform their business. In designing a customer service solution that can change the basis of competition, companies need to include in its operational strategy, customer experience metrics, performance assessment, reviews and benchmark time frame for issue resolutions that reflects improvement in all areas of customer service. To redefine customer experience, business owners must re-invent and......

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