How To Improve Customer Engagement and Loyalty On Your Website

How To Improve Customer Engagement and Loyalty On Your Website

Customer experience has become the next basis of differentiation for businesses that are able to manage complex and difficult interactions through leveraging on existing reliable infrastructure to focus on opportunities for customers to experience disruption that can transform their business.

In designing a customer service solution that can change the basis of competition, companies need to include in its operational strategy, customer experience metrics, performance assessment, reviews and benchmark time frame for issue resolutions that reflects improvement in all areas of customer service. To redefine customer experience, business owners must re-invent and leverage on multi dimensional capabilities:

*Interactive Web-based Self-Service: A new approach to customer relationship management with highly personalized interactive web services that allows customers and employees to have access to information, to perform action over the web without interacting with customer service representative.

*Web Chat (Live Chat): Opens a direct line of communication with your website visitors to chat directly with a customer service representative like you would in a physical store. The live chat feature allows you to personalize the shopping experience to your customers and closing deals faster.

*Toll Free Number: A toll free number projects a corporate image for your business and website, providing a better customer service about your company to boost your overall sales. A toll free number establishes trust, makes it easy for customers to contact you and can improve your business customer relationship.

*Customer Review: The new era in marketing where you brand are being define by positive or negative experience by customers. Over the years positive review has shaped and influence-buying decision compared to online ads. Encourage customers with positive experience with your brand to write reviews and share within their network.

*Customer Satisfaction Survey: A revolutionary tool to measure customer’s satisfaction by carrying out a survey, market research to properly access the level of satisfaction and area of improvement.

*Search: Provide valuable insight for visitors to find what they are looking for. It has become effective site functionality as a point of contact for site visitors.

RSS (Rich Site Summary) Feeds: A format for delivering web content that allows web-based informational formats to be pushed to internet users who subscribe to the feeds.

Social Network Link: Adding a social network link to your site amplifies social media advocacy for your brands by making it easy for recommendation and trusted reviews across all channels to trigger users action or conversion.

Optimizing  your website can lower bounce rates and increase conversion rate as visitors gain confidence that they are in the right place to get answers to their questions. Look at your website analytics to figure out what pages need to optimize and develop an optimization plan to meet those needs.





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